Feb 11, 2010

Corrosives cabinet = Clean'd

Well, it cost me some time and some lungs but after finally getting a good gas mask I was able to really get in there and clean out the corrosives cabinet. Mainly because of the stupid inventory we had to do. Anyway, the cabinet is clean but all the bottles in the cabinet are really not. They still stink of whatever the crap it was that spilt in there. I tried cleaning them off but the labels are basted in the stuff and probably need to be fully removed and replaced for there to be any improvement. (I am so not doing that btw)

The cabinet looks a hell of a lot better now though and I am pleased with the tidiness inside now. All the bottles are stacked neatly according to height and size and there should be no problems with retrieving something from that cabinet. That said, there is probably some sort of health risk by just going near the cabinet but we can't do anything about that right now really. So, today it's continuing on with the inventory, moving into the flammables and then the fridge (which also smells). WOO! More death! 


  1. good stuff lads. I remember when someone left the aqueous ammonia bottle unscrewed and right next to it where 3 or so bottles of POCl3. The whole cabinet and every bottle inside it was coated in NH4Cl.

  2. Hey didn't someone leave the ammonia soln bottle open next to a dodgy bottle of iodine? I do not miss inventory time. We have two officers who do all that crap here.

  3. I don't know, most of the bottles labels were turned a nasty orange colour or totally degraded. The lids on most bottles were cracked and washing with a dilut basic solution or thiosulfate gave a black colour on plastics before the bottle was "clean".

    The cabinet still stinks after a few weeks now and there are still some major probs with it that I just CBF fixing right now. Seriously. We in the lab all have a fair idea of who f'ed it up this time but they are gone and the damage is done. And my lungs are probably a lot worse for wear.