Jul 17, 2010

Quick and easy flash column fix

Have u just broken the end of your favourite flash column? Is your glassblower over worked and won't get to your column for a few months?

Here is a quick and dirty fix for the end of your column. Simply find an appropriately sized disposable nalgene syringe (polypropylene types only, otherwise you will extract out nasty plasticisers, don't use the Terumo ones with the black plunger tips), cut the end off and CAREFULLY (with thick gloves) put the cut syringe on the end of the broken column. I do stress that u wear thick garden or oven gloves as that broken column will be mighty sharp and will slice through your hand/finger like butter if you slip. Make sure it's a snug fit - gentle heating of the syringe with a heat gun before application will help.

 The end product is a column that will fit any size test-tube. This trick is also handy for those columns that don't fit into the ends of small tubes.


  1. Nice fix, I wish I knew how to blow glass cuz our assblowers are really sloooowwwwww!

    1. Learn to do it, we have learnt it at our uni xD it's worth it

  2. aaaah!! thank you for the tips.

    Oh I am wondering, can we do flash column chromatography with these kind of syringes if pipettes are too narrow and vulnerable?

  3. You just have to be sure you dont leech out too many plasticisers. Those crappy plastic Terumo syringes with the black plunger tip should never be used in an organic lab except if you are using them for water or ethanol.

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  10. its good to see Quick and easy flash column.

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