Dec 2, 2009

I hope everyone is setting up their Christmas tree

So I helped my fiancee's mum set up her Christmas tree last night. Mainly because she is short and I am not. I got the honour of putting up the star. Meanwhile, my finacee sat on the couch and wanted nothing to do with the tree. Great holiday spirit there. IMHO it is a nice tradition but I guess some things come and go like that.

All I really want to know is how many people set their tree up on the 1st of Dec.? and how many leave it till someone else reminds them that they should have set it up then?

I would also just like to wish all our students, who we do verbally bash quite a lot, a very happy holiday season and to let them know that the guys at RBF are hoping they did well on the exams. Hope to see you all next semester for some more Org. Chem. YAY! and also ask why the F&@* aren't you in a lab doing some summer work over the holiday period?

Oh I also thought that seeing as though it was thanksgiving not so long ago I would thank all the biologists and engineers out there for giving us fodder to slander you profusely both openly and behind your backs. Now biologists get back to your coffees and engie's get back to the pub you lazy S.O.B's.

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  1. My girlfriend and I set up our tree two days ago. We were going to do it today actually after our dinner date but we were impatient. It's pretty fun :D