Dec 26, 2009

Season greetings from RBF

Merry Christmas!

Hope you guys had a great christmas. Personally I had one of the better ones this year, and a contributing factor was some pretty neat gifts (which are chemistry related).

First up, my gorgeous girlfriend gave me a copy of Julia Child's 'Mastering the art of French cooking'. As Child explains herself in the introduction, this is not merely a cookbook but a textbook on how to cook. What I like about it is Child's philosophy which comes out through her book: that cooking is an science as well as an art, in that it should be reproducible given the right technique is used, a philosophy that I can appreciate as an organic chemist. (This is compared to Jamie Oliver's 'just bang it in the pot' sort of style. This probably reflects my chemistry style: I like things to be done 'properly', rather than being a maverick). You might be wondering why I'm talking about cooking in a chemistry blog, but as we all know, all good chemists are good cooks (not trying to imply that I'm either the former or the latter!), so there's the link.

My second chemistry related christmas gift is this truly stylish shirt from the folks at

This one is from my brother, worn today with pride at the Boxing day sales. If you haven't already, check out some of the other stuff they sell at webelements. Some of the stuff is truly inspired COOLNESS, but probably still not as cool as the Corey mug.

Anyway that's all from me. Enjoy the rest of the festive season and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all from the guys at RBF!

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