Oct 29, 2009

Evil Lab Challenge

Today we had another of our patented Lab Challenges, and I'll tell you right now it nearly killed me. The Lab Challenge tests each individuals endurance and perseverance in the lab and tests both the nerves and the sanity.

It consists of the selection of a particular song (usually pop) which is then put on the lab music system and put on repeat. The song is then left to play consecutively until one person remains in the lab. However, as some daily duties require absence from the lab (e.g. toilet breaks, literature searches etc.) a tally is kept of each song listened to. This firstly makes sure you aren't tuning the song out but also makes sure you return to the lab.

As it was today, the song choice was Modern Talking's "You're my heart, you're my soul" (see previous post). Unfortunately, I found this song hidden in the depths of our lab music system's archives. I wish I hadn't.

It was HORRIBLE!!! We listened to that song from 10:00AM through to 5:00PM. I had to leave the lab several times, unfortunately the song could still be heard in the office. As a result I believe I have a tumour. The song's play length is 3:49. This means that the song was played approximately 110 times straight throughout the day. DEAR GOD!

At first, I thought it was OK, I was singing along to the music, but in the end I cracked. I still have the song running through my head. Apparently, tomorrow will be all German music all day, but not the same song over and over.


  1. Ok so they have been playing this FARKING song all day again today!! I am going to murder someone!

  2. I propose the challenge of playing the Jingle Cats Meowy Christmas album. I bet u wont make it past the first song.

    I'm sure you will find that in the archives ;)

  3. @OrganicOverdose: You are weeeeeak, and P and I are the undisputed winners! and make that 10 to 5:30pm. For some reason I had Cheri Cheri Lady stuck in my head at night though...

    @Labmonkey: Challenge ACCEPTED!