Oct 20, 2009

Walking around on two broken legs

Well, while it is not uncommon for some chemists to explore the world around them I am sure they have been a bit smarter about it that W, P and myself over the weekend. Deciding to climb up Mt. Barney was a good idea, but via Logan's Ridge may have been a bit too adventurous.

As it is we are a still alive but all three of us are hobbled. I personaly have named the double blisters on both my feet and look forward to having some intimate alone time with them for the next week or so.

P on the other found a tick today and decided that the best method of tick removal is nitric acid. After some convincing we got him to just pull it out but we couldn't stop him for sending the little fella into a nice little spa bath of nitric. Needless to say the tick died.

Anyway, finally managed to crawl out of bed this morning and put some shoes on so I can get in the lab. After a bit of literature searching I found the reaction I am going to do today and will hopefully lead me to an improved method for my drug. YAY! Just me and J in the lab today methinks.

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