Oct 27, 2009

Modern Talking

Today W introduced us to possibly the greatest pop band of all time. Or at least in Germany. Those crazy German's love their music and while they are possibly the most straightforward people on earth their music is absolutely NUTS!!! Or as W points out, "Straightforward nuts". Check out these film clips for music that hit No. 1 in the 80s in Germany.

Thankfully, I wasn't alive at the time of these SUPER tracks. But Dieter Bohlen, the blond guy with slightly less makeup made Billions of Deutschmark on this kind of crud and is still a massive celebrity in Germany. NUTS!!!! (He now wears more makeup).

Thomas Anders, the scarily androgenous guy in these clips is HILARIOUS and I recently dug up that he had a concert in July THIS YEAR!!! ZOMFG! Who the hell pays for this stuff??!!

Anyway, that was the highlight of my day today and I thought I would share that small amount of joy with whoever reads this.

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