Jan 27, 2010

Australia Day = Awesome

So yesterday was Australia Day. Normally, I wouldn't really have anything grand planned for it but this year it was different. This year it was proposed that the back hill in my mum's house would be perfect for a slide. Couple this with a pool and you have some wet and wild fun just waiting to be had. So after searching for hours trying to find a suitable sheet of plastic for a slide we came across a giant tarp in mum's garage, some tent pegs and 2 or 3 bottles of $1 dish washing liquid. Then it was just add water (and beer). We set up a sprinkler hose down the length of the tarp, pumped some tank water through it and then it was game on.

Here is how to have a blast on Aussie Day:
Crack a beer, drink half, down the slide, drink some more, down the slide again, drink, then jump in the pool. Rinse and repeat. The BBQ was fired up and some well marinated sausages and onions were fried up with plenty more beer and the party was definitely in full swing. Some rest time after eating, have a chat over beer then watching some cricket in the street out the front of the house. PERFECT AUSTRALIA DAY!

You can't ask for a better set up - public holiday on a tuesday where you are almost expected to be shady at work the next day. Lots of sun, lots of beer and tons of fun.

Any of you out there keen to share your day post it up, I'm keen for some more ideas for next year.


  1. i was in the lab LOL I really need to catch up and learn about australian's culture :S

  2. WTF is wrong with you. Workaholic much? It's a public holiday. NOONE in their right mind works. Except retail I guess.