Jan 12, 2010

Can you have Mi Goreng with SOUP?

As you know, instant noodles are an essential part of grad students' diets. One particular favourite of ours is Indomie's Mi Goreng. Not only does it taste absolutely awesome, but it is unbelievably cheap, costing about $0.30 AUD per packet.

Mi goreng is malaysian for fried noodles. This makes it different from many other instant noodle brands in that you simply mix the seasoning and the flavour sachets with the moist but drained noodles. Unfortunately, SOME people in our group prefer to eat these awesome noodles in soup.

So if you've had these noodles before, it's time to settle this issue once and for all:



  1. Indeed the consumption of mie goreng including the liquid portion is the second most common method, but is better known as "goreng sup." I personally indulge in this, and find it most gratifying. Not only do I feel sated after consuming such a concoction, my thirst is quenched.

  2. I wholeheartedly believe that although mi goreng should be prepared in refluxing H2O for no longer than 2 minutes. Conventional heating provides a superior product than microwave assisted synthesis in this case. The solvent must then be removed immediately by decanting or filtration.

    The noodles should be consumed under SOLVENT-FREE conditions!!!

    1. Yo stop trying to act too smart.

  3. You have a good point there, solvent free conditions are always a good thing, especially where the aim is to be as green as possible. In line with this, I find that the preparation and consumption of the product in the aqueous phase is also a green method, yet does not impact the quality of the product in any way.

  4. *rolls eyes* I declare the new name for this to be Thujone's Mull

  5. what happened to the student diet based around Tim Tams on sale at Woolies for less than $2 a pack?

  6. those noodles costs so much in sydney - $12 for a box of 30. But i found another one in melbourne costs $8 for a box of 40!

    My boy likes it in soup, I like it dry. We usually have it with long beans to add some fibres.