Jan 12, 2010

Hands up

Ok, so I have been thinking lately that a number of journals are becoming more electrosavvy and as such are including a nice little picture in the table of contents. And, while its not for lack of trying, a lot of our fellow researchers are struggling to produce a nice picture that truly represents the experiment and captures the reader's attention.

In the past there have been some really funny ones and I have no problem with, graphical abstracts that display the general reaction detailed within the paper, but to me something is really lacking. There is no pizzaz, no wow factor, no HOLY SH!T to the whole graphical abstract. I myself have struggled to produce a half decent picture for the intended use. So I feel that it is time someone steps up to the challenge and in doing so show the organic synthesis community how it's done. There may even be a business in it guys, design jobs are few and far between now and someone with a knowledge of both synthesis and graphic design may just find a niche market.

I have to admit though I have seen these graphical abstracts improving, combining pictures taken with cameras and some nice graphics are becoming more prevalent and some of the biochem papers have some nice rendered images but there must be something out there that can better this:

Also, if you can find any good ones guys let me know and I will post them up!

This one is so cool, even if it is biology! Super Macrocycles

And here is one that isn't the least bit confusing.... (Sarcasm much?)

 Now this one is getting there. I looked at it for more than a second so it caught my interest even though I don't really care about the topic.

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