Nov 10, 2009

Further Education for Chemistry Undergrads

While it has probably been done several times before, MSG and I have decided to knuckle down and share a little of our knowledge and experience in an effort to teach and enlighten undergraduate chemistry students.

While it isn't much it will most definitely save a lot of time as well as a lot of headaches on our end. So MSG and I decided to put together a series of experiments that will illustrate the basic techniques that students should learn starting from first year in a chemistry lab. And yes, that includes the lazy slack-arse Engineering students who are all but hopeless (most likely due to excessive alcohol consumption performed in their ample spare time).

We hope to begin with the very basics, e.g. seperatory funnels, pipettes (both mechanical, glass and pasteur) through to the more technical, e.g. recrystalisation, column chromatography and probably a lot more.

Hopefully, if we can figure it out we will be putting youtube links of some experiements that the second year undergrads do in the second semester. We will probably source some of the other reactions from first and third year as well to show basic and advanced techniques.

All things willing everyone should benefit from these posts regardless of whether they have been done before or not. So keep an eye on this space kiddies.


  1. Posting these on YouTube is a great idea - let us know the account to follow there

  2. Will do JC. No just keep following this blog and we will link it up here. In the meantime stay tuned for further shenanigans.