Nov 6, 2009

Pros and Cons of Two Organic Chemists Dating - Add your experiences


You can roll over in the middle of the night and ask "What do i distill TMSCl over?"

You will always be able to understand each others frustrations: "I lost 3 months work today because it fell in the oil bath" or
"I just racemised my product after 20 steps!"

You won't have to explain jargon such as NMR, enantiomers, flash chromatography, GC-MS etc.

They can proof read your experimental / publications etc.


You can't have a break from chemistry at home.

You may compete for the same job / grant proposals

After finishing your PhD(s), you are usually expected to do a postdoc overseas. Trying to find a postdoc for both in the same place is difficult.

You may be, or end up working together in the same building / lab and see each other all day.

Trapped in a chemistry circle. Possible limited associations with normal people.


  1. But what else can a chemist guy do? - see, we don't get out too much. And besides, if you like to date smart girls there a good chance is that you find one in the hood next to you and she's looking any good than it gets really hopeless...
    I don't recommend dating your co-workers because - its a huge complication and you lose the only good peaceful place thats away from your GF (or worse, ex-GF) or your wife - but it happens, OK?

  2. If chemistry departments around the world are anything like ours, you can also get your gf to submit HRMS requests and mechanical workshop requests for you: females get these requests fulfilled quicker

  3. There is now way in hell I would date a girl from Chemistry. Girls are so much hassle to begin with as if you would like to pile any more trouble on top of that. You definitely need a break from Chemistry every now and then.

  4. Why is "You can't have a break from chemistry at home" in the con section...

  5. @Jon hmmm let me think about that one for a second. I would have to say the only chemistry I like to have is the fun kind like dissolving the chlorine from the pool filter in HCl and making bombs with HCl and alfoil. Or maybe even the whole making delicious sherbert with bicarb and citric acid.....mmmm SHERBERT!

  6. I think the ideal candidate would be a chemist in a different discipline... (so long as they're not a physical chemist...)

    Best of both worlds, and no p-chem! everyone's happy.

  7. Angela Merkel used to be a physical chemist and she married a quantum chemist - and look what it did for the Germany. The World is not here to be possessed by the faint-hearted chemists!