Nov 23, 2009

I want a nano-dragster for xmas

So I came across this today in my ASAP feed. It's a sweet nano-dragster with super awesome upgraded front wheels for directional steering. You can like take it off sweet jumps and drive it around and stuff. Oh and if you buy the super awesome scanning electron microscope you may actually see it. AWESOME!
But W did happen to ask me one very simple question, WHY!? Well I will tell you why, because its a nano-dragster that's why! As if you wouldn't want it. It has methyl-scythed-p-carborane front wheels that give it some directionality and HUGE C-60 rear wheels for good traction on GOLD surfaces. ROCK ON!

 With the nano-dragster you can even make it do sweet tricks like wobbling the front axle. SUPER COOL! Forget about those old boring normal sized cars or even those sweet mini RC cars. This is the future! I want one for XMAS and so should you!

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