Nov 19, 2009

New Moon Buffoon

So I took my lovely fiancee out to the advanced midnight screening of the Twilight Saga's New Moon last night. What a mission. While the movie was quite good and the little woman really did love it. I think next time the option will be to wait for a normal hour to go watch it. Unless of course someone finally makes a Wheel of Time movie. Then I will be there.

But after getting home at 3am and then crawling out of bed at 9am this morning I am seriously regretting being such a "sweety". Seriously, I am rooted and I have a full day in the lab today. DUMB!

Oh well, I did earn some bonus points with the little lady and she has bragging rights with her mates now so that's good. I guess.... Anyway, I have to say that the movie really was very good. Unfortunately, the "wolf-man" Jacob was a little too ripped and now it looks like I will have to be pushing myself to go to the gym quite a bit until the hype with this dude wears off. But all that aside, the action scenese were very good, and the "Volturi" were pretty cool and Christoper Heyerdahl was hilarious, reminiscent of the good old drac.

And the best part of all was that Edward was made to look like a pasty little weiner, which he is. Anyway, go and see it is my advice, cuz if you don't people will make your ear hurt until you do go see it.



  1. I can suggest renting "Bitter Moon" from Polanski - the best date movie EVER

  2. Ah Polanski, what a strange cat. I will have to look into this movie.

  3. You will love it - and it will turn your GF on...

  4. Damn, it's a shame I am engaged and so close to marriage nothing I do turns her on anymore :P

  5. Thats why the Polanski. You have to make he understand.