Mar 1, 2010

Damn I hate undergrads sometimes

So today it is raining and I was up late last night writing a paper for pblication. I slept in this morning and after slogging it out in chock-a-block traffic finally made it to uni. I rolled down the road where I usually park only to find my parking spots are all taken, and after doing a full lap find that there are no parking spots at all in the university. Stupid undergrads. I spose I should have remembered it was their first day back at uni and that most of them, especially the noobs would all be coming in to classes. And, because they are all super soft would all drive in rather than be shoved onto a bus full of other noobs lest they all be grouped in the sam noob category, because nobody wants to be called similar to someone else. Heaven forbid they lose their individuality. 

Anyway, there was only really one thing for it. I couldn't just drive home. I have work to do, as much as I loathe it sometimes. No, I had to get in to work, be it late or whatever. So, I drove to the local shopping centre, parked and caught the noob bus. Which, I may have expressed earlier, also irks me to no end. It was the same b.s. people pushing to get into the bus first. Which always amuses and frustrates me. It's like they can't stand to be outside one second longer after standing outside for 15-30min previously. Anyway, after waiting patiently in a line which was more like a cone and not really like a line at all, I step on the bus and find a completely empty seat straight away. I have no idea what the noobs are pushing for, but next time I might throw a few elbows in just to see whose nose gets broken. It might be entertaining, most of them only come up to about my elbows anyway. 
Anyway, if the same happens tomorrow I will take a picture and show just how stupid these people really are. That way my words really aren't that meaningless. Then again, if it happens again tomorrow, I will be the one too stupid to wake up early and get a (ludicrously overpriced) parking spot.


  1. Life is soooo much better when u live close enough to uni that you can walk.

  2. what a whiner you are

  3. I would love to have a little house close to uni.. but everything is expensive in sydney :(

  4. lol @ anonymous, too scared to post a name? Perhaps you are an undergrad of such aforementioned attributes? This has been an ongoing thing for so long I feel the need to whine.

  5. I'm a second-year undergrad...and there's still 8am lectures! I do live somewhat far and have to wake up at 6am. [Doesn't mean I'm complaining now :)]

    BTW, OrganicOverdose, which uni do you go to?

  6. Granted that there are 8am lectures, that I understand, but the fact that students come (and I am basing this on my previous undergrad years as a BSc (BBiot) student) for about 3-4hrs with a max of about 5-6 when pracs are on. There is no reason to drive in. You can come and go as you please and public transport (although often sh!t) is there.

    Me on the other hand, living an hour out from uni, working 9+hrs a day, I don't need the hassle of having to find a park in the morning and catching a 1+hr public transport ride home at 6pm or later when students park in spots clearly not designed for them.

    There are really only a limited number of parks at uni and to be honest they cost a fair bit more than the average uni student can afford and the ones I am talking about are all day parks not a short 1-2hr spot.

    Also, Cathy, where I go to uni should be rather obvious and if not yet drive round to the few unis in Qld and see if you can spot the cars I have vandalised due to rage attacks. ;) Muahahahaha

  7. The least our university could do is offer discount parking rates for postgrad students. They offer them to staff members, and it's the postgrads students that are the ones working overtime every single day. Most of them can't afford to drive in, but if they do, give them a discount, coz they're the ones who drive all the research in a uni