Mar 26, 2010

Farewell old friends

Well, it has been a sad evening. Tonight we were saying goodbye to two members of the group, Z and W, who were both very valued members as well as friends. Regardless of the time we spent with these people I find it very difficult to accept that they are leaving. It really does seem that we never really got to know them as well as we could while at the same time know them very well and would be proud to call them both friends. On behalf of the group and our little online community I would dearly like to wish both of you very well in your future endeavours and hope that your yields be high and your Rfs separable. Tonight was, for me, a great night out, I have had such a great time with you both and I hope to continue our friendship outside of the lab and in person, rather than this cyberspace.

Hopefully, W will remember the small details of Rugby League that I tried to pass on and Z will land safely every time you are jumping out of those planes. Travel safely, enjoy the sights and sounds and make sure you take the time to smell the roses.

Good luck and farewell.

From MSG:
Just want to add some of my own words to this farewell. It's been awesome having both of you around, both as colleagues and as friends. One of the lasting legacies (at least until our cohort graduates) of W will definitely be infecting our brains with Modern Talking madness. And to A: thanks for letting us pick on you in the lab ;) and thanks for all the good times. In terms of chemistry, without your pioneering work I would not have been able to complete my total syntheses.

Hope you both enjoy your farewell presents. A: hope the Cook's Companion will bring you much joy in the kitchen for many days to come, and W, World Cup jokes aside, I really hope the gift brings you fond memories of your time in Australia every time you put the shirt on.

All the very best - MSG