Mar 31, 2010

It is SO holiday time!

Oh yeah! It's holiday time. That time in the year when you just CBF doing any work whatsoever and you just need a week or so off to get your act together. As it is I am sure some people have considered a holiday and others have taken them and I plan to do similarly.

I honestly cannot wait. I am plodding around the lab procrastinating any work and I just want to leave. Unfortunately, the bossman knows this and keeps giving me work to do. DAMN! Oh well, I will do what I can, then go and finish up the odd job or two when I get back with renewed vigour and fervour and such. Hooray! 

I must also mention that tomorrow is April Fool's Day. I haven't played a decent prank in a long time and I dearly wish I had a good one this year but, alas, I don't. I serious have no originality when it comes to a planned prank. I am pretty good at the spontaneous prank but the ones that take the planning just never work out as awesome as I had planned. You would think being in a place filled with chemicals and other things I could rustle up some cool pranks but I always think that people will hate me afterwards.If you have any ideas I am open to suggestions though.

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  1. I got early time off to New Zealand for a wedding and Easter holiday YAY!!!!