Mar 3, 2010

Lab Duties

So, after one great cleanup and me and MSG getting fed up with the standard (or lack thereof) of the lab, we decided to go nuts and purge the lab of its hopeless situation. I was sick of finding items missing or moved and things left messed up because someone couldn't find something so decided to toss the place just to find it and then leave it as it was because it was someone elses fault that they had to toss the place.

So, after a nice little hold hands session in which we all decided we would keep the lab in order and assign each other duties (some of which were not desireable but had to be done) we came up with a few jobs that people in the lab were responsible for.

  1. Solvents - Someone to keep a nice level of distilled solvents on the shelves so that we didn't run out and save a bit of time for everyone else in the lab.
  2. Stock manager - Responsible for keeping lab supplies at a manageable level (e.g. gloves, paper towel), mainly consumables but this means one person that knows where stuff is and can get it without tearing the place apart.
  3. Lab Nanny/Handyman - Responsible for general upkeep and running of the lab. Keep benches clean, keep glassware where it belongs, get liq N2 in the morning and most importantly look after any lab equipment (e.g. microwave, MPLC, fridges) and fix it if it needs fixing)
  4. Stills - Someone to look after the solvent stills (THF and DCM). Keep them clean (every few months) and dry and not rooted when someone forgets about them. 
We figured this was the best way to go. Everyone has a responsibility, everyone knows their job and knows who to ask when they need something. Also, everyone knows who to blame when things go awry and therefore keep that person attentive on their job. So, we are trialing this for now and we will see how it goes, there are still a few glassware hoarders in the lab *puts own hand up* but it's getting much better.

Onward, upward and all that crap.

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